Salary Benchmarking &
Market positioning

We conduct several analyses for companies with regards to benchmarking remuneration. We have developed and customised analytic tools that assist clients to simplify the market benchmarking process. We conduct scenario analysis, gap analysis, job matching exercises to market salary surveys and costing analysis. We also provide illustrative dashboards to clients that assist them with presenting market benchmarking analysis to executive and remuneration committees.

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As we are independent remuneration specialist, which provide niche services on complex remuneration matters and challenges, we are not a salary surveys house ourselves, however, we provide our technical expertise on how to appropriately use market data to support the pay structure of the organisation and to enable the attraction, retention, and motivation of employees. This places us in the unique position to source salary market data for our clients without any bias or vested interest. We do also provide an option for clients do acquire market data via our very reputable salary survey providers.

In our analysis we discuss the principles of salary benchmarking such as the market reference point(s) (i.e. 50th percentile), the market sector(s), the remuneration element(s) utilised and whether the Benchmarking is conducted using a job or grade-based approach. The Benchmarking exercise determines where the Company’s internal pay is positioned against the external market specific sector(s).

During this step of the exercise, we conduct our analysis on the survey data collected (from the relevant market competitors) compared to the current internal salaries. The results of the Benchmarking exercise canl be delivered in the form of a high-level executive summary in the form of a Microsoft Excel appendix. This process includes the following:

  • If market data is used that is not current, we are experienced in ageing the market data accordingly to apply the new market data to be used in the Benchmarking exercise.
  • Internal package comparison to market reference points. This can either be job or grade based. This analysis will illustrate the internal employee package positioning against the market and provide an indication of where employees fall outside of a tolerance range and how competitive guaranteed pay may be.
  • The analysis also includes a comparative-ratio which will demonstrate the differential between what your organisation pays compared to the market (sector peer group).
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